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Which succulents are the right ones for you?

Succulents have become wildly popular as of recent. Here’s a list of our three favorite succulents for Zone 5 & 6 gardeners.

Color Guard Yucca

Color Guard Yucca: This one of a kind plant fits the bill if you’re looking for an easy care variety with three season interest.

The Color Guard Yucca is best known for its variegated foliage, they look terrific in a rocky garden, with perennials, or in a pot on your patio.

The plant starts out in the spring with individual leaves shooting up four to six inches from the mounded center. You’ll love the vibrant green trim they offer, which transition to red and pink as the weather cools.

Purple Ice Plant: Best used as a ground cover or potted plant, the stunning purple color of this succulent will wow you. An early summer bloomer, the Purple Ice Plant will reward you with color all summer long. The foliage reaches only about 3-4 inches in height and the spread at maturity is about a foot wide. This plant does well in full sun and is both drought and deer resistant. Pair it with a nearby rose bush and you’ve got an eye-catching colorful display!

Sedum Cauticola: We especially like this Sedum for two reasons. It’s colorful and it’s a slow spreader. If you’ve shied away from Sedums in the past because they tend to overtake your garden, consider this one as it’s easily controlled with just a bit of pruning. Used primarily as a ground cover, this plant works well as a border or near landscape rocks. Butterflies love the flowers which appear later in the summer and turn a beautiful shade of crimson. This plant tops out at about five inches and at mature spread it’s a little over a foot. Hardy down to Zone 4, it’s an excellent landscape plant that adds color interest and is very easy to maintain.

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