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About Us

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Hello! It's a pleasure to get to introduce ourselves to you.

We are Janet + Charles Harding of BLOOM.   


Charles and I both had career shifts and the stars aligned. Bloom was born out of our mutual love of everything flowers and gardening. For us, BLOOM is a verb. It activates the beauty & passion, seeing & celebrating all that is good in nature.

Our other love is community, and BLOOM for us brings it all together. With people at the center of what we do, we work hard to do the right thing and honor each individual as important and worthy of our respect & trust. It is important for our employees and customers (our community) to feel valued, appreciated and free to be who they are.


We are proud to work in a way that is designed to prevent discrimination against any people regardless of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, neurodiversity, disability status, citizenship, or any other aspect which makes them unique.

We look forward to sharing this love of community, flowers & gardening with you.  

On a personal note, Charles and I have been together for 23 years. We have five children and three perfect grandchildren!  Charles is on the Board for the Wichita Community Rowing Club, and Janet has just completed the Master Gardener Program.


Last important thing — we love dogs (& we love cats), especially when they come say hi while we are digging in your dirt. ♥


Dogs & Cats of Bloom



Kindness is at the heart of BLOOM. To us it costs nothing and means absolutely everything. Throughout our service, we pledge to always support our customers with the utmost kindness every step of the way.



We believe personal, heartfelt service never goes out of style. It's what drives BLOOM and connects us with you, our customers. We know it's important for you to know that you matter, that we care about you and that you aren’t alone.

Our service model ensures we design an amazing garden feature for you — we guarantee it. Because we know we are not perfect, if we screw up, we try to make it right.



We love it, we celebrate it, we design by the laws of it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is what we base our business on. We work with some of the most beautiful parts of nature, and our job is to design spaces to celebrate it.



Sustainable gardening practices are at the core of what we do. We design as stewards with nature and lovingly respect it.

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