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What the Funkin?! Fake Pumpkins!

There are about as many ways to dress up a fake pumpkin as there are ways to dress up yourself for Halloween. Artificial craft pumpkins – otherwise known as "Funkins" – look quite realistic in their natural state and are often used on porches and in seasonal vignettes throughout the fall. Since they're not perishable, however, crafty people have discovered countless ways to paint them, cover them in glitter, or use trim, decorative fabric, and paper to cover them to be used as seasonal accents fall after fall. (Plastic jack-o-lanterns – often used as candy buckets for small children – can also be painted and decorated in a number of ways.)

But artificial pumpkins can actually serve a purpose beyond just a decorative one. Here are 2 creative uses for craft pumpkins are as pretty as they are practical, and look festive for fall, too. 


Press faux pumpkins into service as flower pots for your front porch or patio. Place potted mums straight from the garden center into craft pumpkins without even taking them out of their plastic containers. 

Or, hide a shallow vase inside a faux pumpkin and fill it with cut flowers from the grocery store to bring the splashy colors of autumn indoors.


Here, a real pumpkin was drilled with a fretwork design to be used as a lantern for a real candle. To make this idea work for a craft pumpkin, simply swap a battery-operated LED candle for the real thing to avoid a fire hazard. 

Pumpkin lanterns like these would look gorgeous lining the walk or front steps to your home. Alternatively, create a grouping of pumpkin lanterns carved in a variety of designs on a fireplace mantel for a show-stopping seasonal display.

If you're looking for help in regards to pumpkins and decorating, we are your gals! Fake or real, we've got the deal. Click on over, we are happy to help!

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