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Watering the early Spring garden

Watering the early spring garden crops may be annoying but necessary to establish proper growth. Without proper moisture hitting the soil and finding the roots,  plants won’t be able to flourish. Plants that do not grow do not produce vegetables and fruits for us to enjoy. And that is just a bummer! When the natural spring rains don’t fall, there are other ways to make sure your early spring garden plants have sufficient amounts of water. The first variable is to determine the dryness of the soil several inches below the surface. Here’s how:

Dig down 2 to 4 inches with a shovel or trowel to determine if soil needs additional water.Attempt to make a ball of soil. Dry soil will not hold together. The ball will crumble within your hands rather easily. Another variable to realize is the type of soil you have in your garden spot. You see, soil type influences three main production variables: Root establishment, water infiltration and holding capacity.

Environmental factors are constantly working against gardeners and farmers. High temperatures, wind, and slopes can determine moisture retention in the early spring garden.

High temperatures and wind lead to water loss from evaporation. Water runs off steep slopes unless applied slowly or in increments.

If you need help watering and establishing your spring garden, spring on over and give us a ring. We would love to chat about how we can help!

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