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Three Tips For A Better Spring Garden

Are you one of those gardeners that check the ground obsessively for signs of life from the first mild day in February onward? Spring fever seems to affect gardeners more severely than others, and the remedy is to get more and earlier flowers in your landscape. Follow these tips to get more blooms out of our your garden than ever before.

The colder the climate, the more anxious gardeners are for signs of spring in the landscape. Planting very early bloomers can make you feel like you’ve cheated part of winter, because these hardy bulbs may begin to bloom when the holiday decorations are just coming down. If your digging arm ran out of steam after planting the first bag of fifty tulips last fall, your spring flower show may not be as lush as you wanted it to be. Interplant your large bulbs, like tulips,daffodils, and hyacinths, with