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The best flowers to plant for those with allergies.

While the daisy family is a nightmare for allergy sufferers, they can find solace in another of the largest families of flowers — the orchid family. Orchids are an exotic and elegant flower that comes in a wide variety of colors. Lilies are another popular flower family that produces little to no irritants for those with pollen allergies.

Below are some lovely flower options for those with allergies:


 These popular springtime blooms give a bright pop to any bouquet. Daffodils are recognizable for their unique, trumpet-like centers and simple yellow petals. They produce very little pollen, which stays contained inside their center cup, making them perfect for allergy sufferers.


 Geraniums are simple, five-petaled flowers that allergy sufferers can enjoy in a variety of colors, including pink, white, red, purple and blue. They’re an excellent choice for potted plants, as they feature rich green foliage.


Hydrangea bushes produce large, round blooms that are prized for their beautiful pastel colors, such as baby blue, pale pink and lavender. White hydrangeas are also a popular addition to wedding bouquets and can provide fullness in a floral arrangement. Hydrangeas produce very little pollen, making them perfect for allergy sufferers.


Irises are known and loved for their deep purple and lavender blooms. Their unique, lily-like shape adds intrigue to traditional bouquets. Irises grow in thin, delicate varieties as well as full flowers with soft, lush blooms. Irises have heavy pollen that’s trapped inside their long petals and unable to harm even the most sensitive of allergy sufferers.


Available in many varieties, lilies are recognizable by their large flower heads with distinct petals. Most of them have six petals that can feature unique patterns like speckles and stripes. They typically have heavy pollen that’s carried by insects, so they pose little threat to allergy sufferers. However, some lilies can have a very strong fragrance. If you’re sensitive to strong smells, you may want to opt for a less fragrant option.

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