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Six Flowers Rabbits Won't Eat

Baby bunnies may look cute, but consider this: jackrabbits are born with a full coat of hair and open eyes, and only spend one day in the nest before they begin foraging. Cottontails are less precocious but may spend their entire lives living (and breeding) in one suburban backyard. During their lives, rabbits will gravitate toward their favorite flowering plants throughout the growing season, relishing pansies, and tulips in the spring, snacking on impatiens, oak leaf hydrangea, and hybrid lilies in the summer, and celebrating a fall harvest of asters come September and October. While rabbits, like deer, have adaptable appetites during periods of want, they tend to avoid plants with foliage or growth that is hairy, bitter, spicy, rough, woody, spiny, or toxic. Here are six flowering plants that might send your rabbits searching for greener pastures:

Butterfly Bushes






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