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Should you buy an Orchid in bloom?

Most people like to buy blooming orchids because of the instant gratification that comes with bringing home such a beautiful plant. The orchid can be set out on the table and enjoyed immediately. This choice, however, can have its downside. Flowering takes a tremendous amount of energy for the orchid plant. Many experienced growers know that phalaenopsis, in particular, can bloom themselves to death, meaning they will have spectacular blooms for a few years in a row, then fade and die.

To decide whether you want to purchase an orchid in bloom, therefore, you have to consider your intentions. If you want to maximize your plants' chances of living and adapting to your growing conditions, it's best to buy plants that are not in bloom. But if you can't resist the display of blooming orchids at your garden center, go ahead. Just try to pick one with lots of unopened buds so you can enjoy the blooms longer.

If you choose to purchase ones not in bloom and want help planting, give us a call!

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