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Selling Your House During The Winter: Ways to Create Curbside Appeal

Curb appeal in the winter months can often be a challenge. Most buyers make up their mind about your home within a few minutes of looking at your outdoor home. Just like a welcoming foyer, your front yard sets buyers' opinions about your home instantly. Whether it is your yard, landscaping, or the exterior of your house—curb appeal is essential. A property that looks outdated and in disrepair can create a negative impression instantly. Your winter outdoor home can help showcase great curb appeal. Here are a few ways that will create an exterior home that is welcomed by potential buyers and makes them want to come into your home to see more. 

Clear Your Driveway

One of the most basic tasks is cleaning and repairing the driveway. This includes raking off any dry leaves and makings repairs where cracks exist. Applying a coat of sealant to concrete is a nice way to keep dirt and oil from soaking into your driveway. Remove unwanted toys, vehicles, and lawn equipment from the driveway and sidewalks. Many sellers forget buyers want to picture themselves walking into “their” home. Don’t give them an excuse to turn around and go view another home! Try these snow removal and driveway debris tips this season.

Organizing Your Garage

A neatly organized and de-cluttered garage signals the buyer on how the rest of your home has been maintained. Organizing your garage with shelves, and an organized system of stacking boxes can help your garage look larger. Sweep the floor of litter; remove oil, grease and paint marks if necessary. Organize your tools and equipment with wall storage hooks and tool cabinets to help conceal unsightly yard tools. If you have an excessive amount of garden and yard tools consider a small outdoor yard shed where tools can be stored. Buyers want to be able to see how large your garage is, so make it inviting.

Create an Inviting Front Lawn

A beautiful front lawn ensures happy buyers, but can often be difficult for winter lawns. If you live in a warmer climate, trimming the grass, pruning the bushes, clearing the lawn of fallen leaves and de-weeding can make your home beautiful. Decorating the landscaping with colored mulch or gravel can spruce up plant beds and help keep weeds at bay. If you live in a colder climate look to shoveling snow and keeping all walkways clear. Instead of focusing on the lawn look to colorful potted evergreen plants or artificial shrubs that will add distinction to your front entry.

Have a Welcoming Front Porch

Your front porch and door will set the scene for the rest of your interior home. Consider sprucing up the front door with a fresh coat of paint. Look to your neighboring homes to keep in the same color palette as the competition. Add new address numbers, outdoor lighting fixtures, and a new doormat can make all the difference! If any of your porch details are in disrepair, fix them immediately. A doorbell, door hardware, and even a wall-mounted mailbox should look appealing and fresh when buyers come to the front door.

Spruce up the Exterior Façade of Your Home

Architectural features of your outdoor home are another aspect not to overlook with winter curb appeal. Roofing shingles, vinyl or wood siding, and discolored brick can turn off potential buyers immediately. Look to pressure washing these portions of your home as often as possible to remove dirt and grime. Downspouts and gutters should be free from signs of wear and consider replacing pieces of gutters or downspouts if necessary. Ensure windows and doors are in working order and seal cracks with caulking to ensure air doesn’t leak in or out your home. Remember, some areas of curb appeal also involve maintenance, not just what a buyer can see with their eyes.

Your outdoor home’s curb appeal could be the reason buyers want to see further into your home or leave to another home. Use these helpful tips from sprucing up the walkways and front landscaping to creating a front porch that is inviting. You will be surprised how happy potential buyers will be once you open the front door.

We porchscape and landscape during the winter months. If you need help selling your house and need some pizazz for that porch, this is our specialty; give us a ring. We'll add some holiday home cheer!

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