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Move Over Spring Cleaning, We've Got The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall is the perfect season to get your home clean and cozy for winter and the holiday season and complete household chores that may have been neglected during summer vacations The heat of summer has passed and the weather is still mild enough to be outdoors making sure everything is ready for cold weather.

If you follow a checklist for spring cleaning, it's time to repeat many of the same tasks. This time you should start with the outdoor tasks and then move indoors as the weather becomes colder. By doing some extra work now, you'll be ready to enjoy a snug winter without as many worries.

  1. Clean Out and Store Outdoor Furniture

  2. Service and Store Gardening Equipment

  3. Clean Gutters and Downspouts

  4. Winterize Outdoor Water Features and Pools

  5. Remove Window Screens and Insteall Storm Windows

  6. Wash Exterior and Indoor Windows

  7. Complete an Outdoor Home Inspection

  8. Sweep and Inspect Chimneys and Fireplaces

  9. Change Smoke Detector Batteries

  10. Clean or Replace HVAC Filters

  11. Clean and Reverse Ceiling Fans

  12. Deep Clean Throughout the House

  13. Deep Clean the Bedroom

  14. Store Summer Clothes and Inspect Clothing

  15. Deep Clean Bathrooms

  16. Deep Clean Living Room

A Happy House is a Clean House!

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