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Make your own Spring Floral Arrangement

As April’s showers come to a close we find our thoughts turned naturally to the anticipation of the long-awaited flowers that come in May. The arrival of spring flowers is one of the most exciting and beautiful things about watching the seasons change. We spend every year waiting for them to arrive. And when they do, we can’t wait to bring them inside to add a bit of the feeling of nature and life to our own spaces with their colorful and lively blooms. There’s no question that a beautifully crafted arrangement of fresh-cut flowers can really wake up a room.

First, build a base. Adding greenery is a great beginning base. Second, add focal flowers. Larger flowers that have a bit more weight are a good choice and are easily supported with your base greenery or branches. The third step is to add accent flowers throughout the piece. Accent flowers are the perfect way to add some more color or texture to your arrangement. The final step is to add some whimsy. Fill the empty voids within the arrangement to ensure you have a full and complete look.

We can help you pick those spring flowers and make a great arrangement for your home and decorative needs. Pick up the phone, we're just a call away.

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