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Light up your garden this spring

A lot of thought often goes into planning and landscaping a garden.  Often, people may never notice, but elements are a big key to a beautiful space. Here we will talk about a few.

Lines lead the eye to a certain focal point. Each type of line has a different effect. For example, strong lines draw eyes into the landscape and toward the desired focal point, while curved lines add an interest to pathways and informal garden spaces.

If you're looking to add more interest, lighting packs a huge punch. Bright lights help make a garden space feel closer. To feature silhouettes, a sculpture or highlight a tree-then back lighting is a great option.  For a more dramatic effect, side lighting is used.  This lighting often is used with pathways and sidewalks.

One way to add contrast to plants and a visually pleasing garden is to add texture.  Forming groups and a variety of shapes displays their depths, color and shapes.

If you would like to add some fun elements to your garden, we’re here for you, give us a call!

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