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Keep your bird seed dry in the rain!

Do you love birds as much as we do? Keep them around in the wet spring by keeping their bird seed dry. Below are some tips to help maintain safe, edible dry bird seed for our feathered friends.

  1. The easiest way to keep birdseed dry is to use feeders with adequate protection from rain and snow. When choosing a feeder that will be protected on rainy days, look for:


A sturdy roof with a good, lengthy overhang can cover feeding trays or ports and keep seed dry. Check how the roof is attached to be sure water cannot seep through joints or holes into seed trays or birdseed holders.


Mesh construction promotes air circulation so the water evaporates quickly before the seed spoils. Mesh trays or sides under a solid roof can be ideal, but be sure they are well sheltered so water cannot get in through the mesh.


When a little water does get into the feeder, there should be adequate drainage so it does not create puddles. Very small drainage holes may be inadequate in wet climates and could easily be clogged by small seeds or discarded hulls.

Feeding ports:

Investigate how birds access seed in the feeder. If feeding ports feature small covers or are somewhat recessed, water will be less likely to get into the seed and it will stay dry more easily. Open trays or broad hoppers are more likely to get wet.

Interested in helping the birds flock to the garden, give us a call and we would love to assist you.

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