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How to pick the correct mulch

You’ll find a variety of mulches at your local nursery. But no one type of mulch does it all. Here are a few tip into picking mulch.

Use an aged organic mulch (partially decomposed wood products) to improve the soil and encourage all-around plant growth. It will continue to decompose and add nutrients to the soil. It’s often sold in bulk. You may have to bag it yourself. Haul it home in a pickup or have it delivered. Use fresh organic mulch (wood chips and bark) where you want to control weeds and improve appearance, but where soil improvement isn’t needed, such as around trees and shrubs. While organic, it hasn’t begun to decompose and will last longer than aged mulch. It’ll also enrich the soil as it decomposes. Also, you can use the stone to stabilize garden areas vulnerable to washout, for example on hills and around down spouts.  Or use it to enhance the look of your garden.

Still need help getting the correct mulch? We are happy to help.

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