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How to Create a Backyard Fire Pit

Adding a backyard fire pit to your home will create a great place for you and your family to gather and make memories. You can roast hot dogs, make s’mores, or just sit around the fire and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also a great focal point for entertaining guests. Sitting beside a crackling fire and reading a book or just having some alone time would also be great around your backyard fire pit. You could buy a fire pit online or from your local hardware store, but you could also learn how to hand-build a backyard fire pit for a fraction of the cost. Some fire pits are very expensive, yet for under one hundred dollars, you can make your own. Follow these steps to create your very own backyard fire pit:


Paving stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Pick what works best for your backyard. If you don’t have a lot of space, it’s best to use smaller paving stones. The amount of paving stones you need will depend on many factors. How tall do you want your fire pit to be? How wide do you plan on making your fire pit? Keep these questions in mind when buying your paving stones.


Once you have purchased your paving stones, you need to prepare an area in your backyard to build your fire pit. Try to make sure you pick a flat location that is not near any trees or brush. You don’t want any embers landing on nearby trees and causing a fire. Once you have picked the perfect spot, dig a hole about three inches deep and as wide as you plan on your fire pit being. After you have your hole dug, you can fill it with about an inch or two of sand. You can use play sand or commercial sand. This sand will help hold your paver stones in place.


After you fill your hole with sand, you can begin laying your paving stones. Start with a wide ring of paving stones around the outer edge of the hole. This will be the base of your fire pit, so make sure you have it fit perfectly. Move your paving stones around if necessary to create a perfectly level circle of stones. After you have the foundation set, continue laying your paving stones layer by layer until your fire pit has reached the height you want.


You can add a metal grate to the bottom of the center of your fire pit. This will allow air to come in from the bottom to feed your fire. If you opt for a grate, make sure it is not painted or chemically treated. You won’t want to add any extra flavor to your roasted hotdogs or s’mores. This will also keep the logs you are burning, off the ground which is great for keeping your wood dry. It’s hard to start a fire with wet logs.


Once you have built your backyard fire pit, you will need to add some seating. You can go the natural route and use tree stumps or logs to create that outdoor feeling. If you want to add comfort to your fire pit, add some patio furniture around it. This will provide you and your guests plenty of seating to enjoy the crackling fire. Keep in mind that if you are using plastic chairs, you will need to keep them a safe distance from the fire pit. You won’t want them to melt if they are too close to the fire pit.

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