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How to attract Monarch's

The best habitat for Monarchs includes both: plants for nectar and host plants. Both are necessary for Monarchs to produce successive generations throughout the summer, and to sustain their migrations. Monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed plants, exclusively, and rely on these "Asclepias" plants throughout their summer breeding cycle in North America. But they also need other plants for the nectar. Without nectar from a variety of fall-blooming natives the butterflies would be unable to make their long journey back to their overwintering grounds in Mexico. Make sure to include both host and nectar plants in your plan.

A 100 square foot garden of native plants is ideal for Monarch support. A few well chosen native plants can also be added to an existing garden – simply include a few clusters of milkweed in the mix you will start to see Monarchs.

Are you a butterfly lover, and want to add some flowers to attract them? We're here to help!

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