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Here's the dirt

Do you remember a time when you loved to play outside? Maybe you made mudpies, splashed in puddles, rolled around in the grass or played hide and seek in the bushes, but chances are at the end of the day you needed a bath and you had a great nights sleep. Then you grew up. You stopped going outside to play. Suddenly your days were filled with spreadsheets, To-Do lists, errands and general drama.

Did you know that aside from adding beauty to your surroundings, getting your hands in the dirt, pulling weeds and planting seeds has some key health benefits? Fresh Air helps improve the cleaning action of your lungs, strengthens your immune system, and aids in digestion. Exercise helps naturally lower blood pressure, improve heart rate, reduce stress and depression. Natural sunshine boosts the body’s production of vitamin D which is important for reducing inflammation, feeding muscles and improving brain function. Take the time to go out and play, get dirty in the garden to improve your environment and your health.

Ready to get down and dirty, we would love to help you get your garden ready. Give us a ring!

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