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Give succulents a try

Ask most gardeners to define succulents, and they’ll likely respond with “cactus”. Long a favorite of indoor gardeners, succulents like cacti, aloe, and jade plants are attractive to any level of expertise because they’re so easy care.

In fact, one of the most common causes of demise for many succulents is over watering. Remember, most of these plants do very well in dry, arid, hot conditions. They thrive without water in nature for weeks or even months at a time because of their unique water storage capabilities

Many people are surprised to know succulents can survive, indeed thrive, in colder conditions. It’s not unheard of for some types of succulents to do well in Zone 4 locales, even Zone 3.

The trick, though, is something we continually preach to all our gardening friends. Knowledge is power and research is key. If you’re buying succulents on a whim, check the plant’s tags to make sure they’re appropriate for your growing zone …

Succulents are commonly seen as landscape elements and are often used by landscapers to fill voids or establish a garden. Chosen properly, a succulent variety can be the cornerstone of your garden for years or even decades to come.

If you would love to give succulents a try, we would love to assist you. Please, give us a call!

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