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Fall Container Garden Ideas

Fall is a great time to experiment and have fun with container gardens. Try different colors and textures. Think about using perennials or trying out some cool looking, cold-loving annuals in your containers.

By grouping container gardens, you can change the look of an area, be it a deck, a yard, a terrace, a landing, or stoop. You can also move your containers around in the grouping to change the look. This is particularly handy in fall because plants like asters and mums get tired and when they do you can easily move them to an out of the way spot. However, don't forget that a single plant in a wonderful pot can look stunning. 

Have a little fun with your fall container garden, such as with snapdragons, which look just like candy corn, a favorite Halloween treat. Additionally, the purple nemesia 'blue bird' contrasts beautifully with the snapdragon ''brown and orange bicolor.' While the snapdragon 'crown red' adds some pop, the leather leaf sedge pulls it all together.

Next we like to feature the birch log gardens. This grouping of rustic fall container gardens features planters made from hollowed out birch logs, and the shades of red and purple scream autumn festivities. This particular planter features coleus, fuchsia, impatiens, and purple shamrock.

And last we feature Purple Fountain Grass with Wire Vine. This fall container garden will last well past the first frost.

This fall container garden uses purple fountain grass ('Rubrum," Pennisetum setaceum) and creeping wirevine (muehlenbeckia) in a simple arrangement. The plain metal planter works well with the elaborate textures of the grasses and wirevine, giving the container garden a modern look.

Look no further if you're looking for some container ideas. We would love to help. Give us a call!

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