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Decorate Your Front Porch with Fall Flowers

We started this journey in our business as a porch scaping company, just last year. Since then, we've come full circle and now include numerous landscaping services. However, in today's discussion, we go back to our roots. Here we will discuss our top 4 favorite items to use for decorating your porch for fall.

First and foremost are potted plants. We love to incorporate bright colored, and even dark colored mums into the mix. A bright yellow mum pairs well with potted croton plants. For some season flair, you could even add a nice lined walkway with pumpkins, which leads us to our second favorite and popular decorating item, the pumpkin.

Pumpkins are to fall what evergreens are to winter. Combining seasonal fruit with ornamental cabbage and orange garden mums is a striking and fun way to use a pumpkin. Pair some small odd shaped pumpkins, with white ones, and add some bumpy lumpies for texture. Bring on the fun.

Next, a bail of hay leftover makes a fun addition. A nice placement of mums, colored pumpins, or stack them up next to a decorative chair, and this is a stunning addition with some country flair for your porch.

Last but not least are Chrysanthemums, more commonly known as "mums" are an autumn favorite. Unlike sunflowers, another quintessential fall blossom, mums are available in an incredible range of colors including orange, yellow and white.

If you would love for us to add some Bloom Flare to your porch, please reach out, this is one of our most favorite things to do!

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