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Decorate Three Ways With Fall Leaves

Fall leaf crafts aren't reserved for kids. In fact, there are numerous elegant ways you can use them to bring the beauty of the season into your home. Fall leaf decor is so much more versatile than other fall decorations. You can incorporate leaves into a Thanksgiving centerpiece, make some wall art or you can even use them as stamps. 

Take a walk outside and collect some of your favorite fallen leaves. Then keep on reading to learn how to decorate with them. 

Upgrade Your Fall Mantle With a Bundle of Your Favorite Leaves

For this project, you can either use fresh branches or imitation branches you would find at a craft store. If you decide to use fresh branches, remember that the leaves will dry and drop off if you don't coat them. You can use a spray finish to preserve the life of the branches for a longer period of time. 

When creating your vignette on the mantle, consider grouping the leaf branches with two other objects of varying height to create a group of three. Also, be sure to vary the height of the actual branches within the arrangement for the best result. 

Add Glitter While Preserving Fall Leaves

Another creative way to preserve your fall leaves is to add some glitter into the mix. Pour some colored glitter into a bowl of modpe podge, then coat each leaf. The more layers, the stiffer and more glittery your leaves will become. 

For best results, choose glitter colors that match the color of the leaves. 

Make A Fall Art Collage with Pressed Leaves

Pressing leaves is a technique that isn't only reserved for fall leaves. You can press just about anything from your garden to create timeless and one of a kind art pieces for your home. If you want to tackle some pressed leaf art, consider the following tips:

  • Keep the frames and backgrounds simple so you don't detract from the leaves. Opt to not use a mat or other embellishments. 

  • Make more than one! Leaf art is going to look best in groupings on the wall. Keep all the frames the same size and hang them in exact rows, or use varying sized frames and hang them in a more abstract fashion. 

  • Make sure your leaves are fully dried and pressed before you add them to the frame. This will ensure they will look the same way in a year from now as they did the day you made the art. 

If you need more ideas, feel free to reach out. We love decorating!

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