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Burning Bush

Shrubs truly furnish a garden, adding texture, color, summer flowers and winter interest. When you live in zone 6, the cold season weather gets pretty nippy. But you’ll still have your choice of many different types of hardy shrubs for zone 6. If you are thinking of growing shrubs in zone 6, you’ll want information about what to plant. Today’s feature is the Burning Bush.

Burning bush makes a great specimen plant in autumn, even when planted singly. But it is at its most spectacular in mass plantings, forming a sea of red in fall. Moreover, the corky ridges along the plant's new branches hold snow, making the shrub not only a fall standout but also one that affords winter interest in the landscape. Before its invasive nature in North America became widely known, states in the eastern United States sometimes installed mass plantings of it along roadsides, whether for erosion control or simply for its ornamental value.

If you would love to add a pop of color to your garden or landscape, we would love to help you with this beautiful shrub. We're just a click away. Call us today.

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