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Birds best for pest control, pollination & more

While birders may be delighted to see any new bird in their yard, some birds are more welcome than others because of all the good they can do. Whether you are a homeowner, gardener, or farmer with decorative flowerbeds, a small garden, or extensive sprawling acreage, there are many beneficial birds you want in your yard.

Our 1st bird feature is a Wren. Because many wrens forage closer to the ground, they will not only control populations of beetles, caterpillars, and grubs but also happily eat ants and snails as well. Attracting wrens is a great way to minimize these insects in your yard without harsh chemicals.

Next up is is one you may not think to welcome in your garden, the Woodpecker! In areas where wood-boring insects are a problem, woodpeckers can be the solution. They will drill into bark in search of beetles, aphids, millipedes, and other insects, and these tenacious birds won't stop until they've sought out every morsel. Attracting woodpeckers can be simple, but homeowners may also want to take steps to keep woodpeckers from pecking where they aren't as welcome.

Last but not least are Tanagers. Stinging insects can be a problem in some areas, but colorful tanagers such as the scarlet tanager, summer tanager, and western tanager can all help prevent painful stings. These birds are wasp-eating specialists and have evolved ways to remove dangerous stingers before they eat different insects. Tanagers are around all summer just when wasp and hornet populations are at their highest.

If you would love to talk about what bird-attracting plants to add to your space, give us a ring!

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