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Add some edge to your garden

Decorative edging is an easy and great way to create boundaries between your lawn and flower beds and gardens.  Here we will discuss a few types of edging and their benefits.

Spade-Cut is the simplest- type of border.  It uses an edging tool to dig a narrow trench. Even though the spade tool does a great job of cutting curves, it can be difficult to evaluate the course you’re taking as you move along.

A second and popular option is a strip border.  This entails a shallow barrier anchored beneath the ground.  This works best for creating curves. Strip borders are available in metal and plastic. Lastly, a masonry border is an attractive way to edge.  Brick, stone and concrete are often used; however, this option is typically the most expensive.  These options are nice because they offer a variety of shapes, colors and styles.

Let us know if we can help you with your edging needs!

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