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With the finest attention to detail, we celebrate nature and our connection to it.

Beautiful flowerbed in a traditional cottage garden with roses, lavender foxgloves and oth

Curating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Bloom is your source for outdoor flower pots, small landscaping, flower bed design and regular maintenance of outdoor spaces.

Looking for cut flowers? Visit our friends at Bloom Wichita >

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What We Do

We listen to you.

We collaborate with you.

We create and maintain bespoke flower gardens.

It's true - we gently nudge  you to go further than stinky boxwoods and try something new.  

 Aspecialists in seasonal color, we deliver bespoke, thoughtful gardens transforming your space from cookie cutter to fabulous.  


We are KSU Extension Master Gardeners.  We will offer you plants that are consistently successful in South Central Kansas including native plants and pollinators.  Easy care and easy to love is our motto.

"I use BLOOM every year for landscaping and planting.

Stunning beyond words and I absolutely adore Janet.

You won't find anyone better!"

 — Laine

Gorgeous plants, shrubs & trees deserve consistent water and earth-friendly nutrients

Nourish flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees year-round with our earth-friendly collection by Bloom, Garden's Gold .Build stronger root systems, heartier blooms and consistently stronger plants.  


Sustain your flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees with an olla.  Delivering water directly to the root system, your plants will be prolific, even during a drought. 100% of the water is delivered via seeping to the plant, you are creating watering efficiency that will save you money on your water bill.  Even if you have a well, Ollas help you water for four to six days at a time rather than having to fight with a hose every day.  Save money, save time and create a whole lot of awesome


We are happy to deliver and install within 20 miles of Wichita.

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Select a BLOOM project package or a complimentary consultation for a custom project you've been dreaming about.


Find a date and time that fits your schedule for your project or consultation. Give us a few details and we'll be in touch.


You'll receive a confirmation and  brief communication. Then, we will deliver your scheduled project. Sit back & enjoy!

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We love our fam.

As a family-run small business we take pride in working with families like yours in the Wichita Metro's beautiful neighborhoods & community.
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