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Introducing our 100% Organic Soil Conditioner, in a 16 oz bottle with 96 servings! Designed to prepare soil and replenish nutrients, it's a must-have for eco-conscious gardeners. Enrich your plants with natural goodness, improve growth, and protect against environmental stresses like drought and sun. Quick absorption, no residue, and water retention support sustainable gardening. Break down clay and promote optimal plant growth. Use once a week during the growing season for a flourishing, vibrant garden. Embrace nature's gift and join eco-conscious gardeners today!


Active Ingredients: 

Guaranteed Analysis 0-0-0

Mixture of various carboxyl, phenolic and polyhydric acids (Humic Acid(s)) - 16%

Bio Matrix - 4%

Phytonutrients - 8%

Inert Ingredient - 72%

Source: Ground shale and other clays, fermentation products derived from cultures of soil organisms, chelated zinc, chelated manganese, chelated copper and chelated iron.

Garden's Gold Organic Soil Conditioner

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  • Liquid garden gold in a 16oz bottle with pump. Use 2 squirts (1 tbsp) per gallon of water.

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