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Spice up your garden with some flavor

Who doesn’t love to get a beautiful bouquet of blooms or gaze upon a field of wildflowers? A flower’s main purpose is to be pretty; they need to attract pollinators in order to produce seeds. Not only do they beautify your garden, they can also add aesthetics and exotic flavors to your meals. Yes, I did say flavors! There are many garden flowers you can eat. However, before you consume just any flower, take heed of these guidelines:

Eat flowers only when you are positive that they are edible. Some flowers look VERY similar. Be sure to have a positive ID first. Only eat flowers that were grown organically. Many plants you purchase from retailers have been sprayed with pesticides.  Thoroughly wash all flowers before you consume them.  For most flowers, only consume the petals. Last, if in doubt that the flower is edible, skip it.

What exactly can you eat?   We recommend two. Nasturtium is a popular edible flower. There are several parts of a nasturtium are edible: petals, leaves, and seeds. They have a peppery, spicy flavor; a cross between watercress and a radish.  Lily is another delicious flower. Like all herb flowers, lavender blooms are edible. They have a distinctive floral taste with a hint of rosemary/mint combo. Use sparingly in sweet dishes; a little goes a long way.

Want some tasty flowers as an addition to your garden and need some help picking the right ones for you? Give us a ring!

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