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Sit back and relax, enjoy your space today.

Anyone who’s spent long hours working in the garden knows the pleasure that comes from a job well done. And there’s no better vantage point than a garden nook: a small, secluded spot in which to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It can be under a big tree, in a corner under an arbor or even in a flower bed, where you can be surrounded by blooms (as well as their fragrance).

Seating can be as simple as a rustic wooden bench or as nap inducing as a chaise with plump pillows. For dining al fresco, consider adding a bistro table and chairs. Sometimes creating a restful moment in the garden is as simple as tucking a teak Chippendale-style bench among the trees. It’s not a big project, as these nooks tend to be small and simple — so there’s still time to make a move before spring showers head our way.

Sit back and relax, give us a call to create your special space.

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