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Plants that add 6 months of color to your garden

If you're like us, when you’re choosing plants for your garden designs, you’re looking for one thing – the ability to add long-lasting beauty to the landscape. Your hard work should be rewarded, and with hardworking plants it can be. Choosing varieties that can provide color and interest for at least half a year means less work and more enjoyment. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so picking plants that make you swoon is the best place to start. The great thing about it is that itdoesn’t always have to be about the flowers. Your garden is not one dimensional. Beautiful blooms, fantastic foliage, and spectacular shapes all add to the enjoyment you get from your garden spaces. Here are 2 we love:

Strawberry Shake Hydrangea

When it comes to long-lasting beauty, panicle hydrangeas really deliver. Strawberry Shake Hydrangea’s strong stems support beautiful, cone-shaped blooms that start creamy white in early spring and summer. As the blooms mature, they take on a lovely strawberry hue. Cooler nights in fall deepen the red for a multi-color display. Even when late fall and winter arrive, the blooms fade to parchment, providing interest in the snowy landscape.

Golden Duchess Eastern Hemlock

Evergreens are fabulous for Northern gardens because they add interest and life all year. Green is common in the garden, so many people long for another color. Golden Duchess brightens shaded spots with its eye-catching golden-yellow needles. Because it’s a dwarf variety of hemlock, it’s easy to tuck in a Golden Duchess to your shade garden, woodland garden, or north side of the house.

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