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Oh Christmas Tree, will you please decorate yourself!!?

Is it just me or does Christmas keep getting closer and closer quicker than ever? My poor husband is monitoring the UPS and FedEx deliveries every day, and has only commented a couple times (bless him). My daughter and I went to the mall on Saturday and it was not packed. We also went to the Woodlawn United Methodist Church Craft Show and it was shoulder to shoulder packed!

So - could it be, people have finally figured out, Dad doesn't want another sweater, and Mom doesn't want any fancy perfume? Could it be buying small, and giving experiences truly are the new way to give?

Gosh, I hope so.

Cheryl and I have created gift certificates you can download from our website. These gift certificates can be used for surprising Mom with a cleaned up flower bed, planting flowers in the spring, helping put pots on the porch filled with flower love, or any other outdoor tasks that would make someones' life just a little bit easier.

Isn't that what we are all here for - to make each others' lives just a bit easier?

. .

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