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It's a bird, it's a's a banana spider!

Look in your backyard right now, and there’s a decent chance you’ll see the ornate webs of our local orbweaver spiders. After feeding on insects all spring and summer, banded garden spiders and yellow garden spiders get big and very noticeable in fall, just before they lay their eggs and die.

Keeping the egg sack safe is a precarious business, and the spiders die in winter, so the babies are on their own after that. A mother spider often suspends the sack on her web to protect it from predators, but the web can become damaged and other spiders and insects might take over part of the sack to hold their own eggs.

The spider young hatch in fall, but wait out the winter in the sack before they emerge and start the process over again.

They're no harm to you or your garden. We would love to come over and help you with garden and watch these beauties weave their way through the summer days. Give us a call any time!

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