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Cutting Back Perennials In The Fall: Our Top 3

You've done all your hard work and your garden has looked beautiful all summer long. Fall is fast approaching, and it's time to cut back and trim those perennials you have planted. This allows for your plants to remain healthy and aids in reblooming. Today we will cover three types of perennials to cut back.

Our first is the Painted Daisy.

Painted daisies can easily rot in wet soil, so plant in well-drained soil. Deadhead plants throughout the season to encourage reblooming. Plants will turn brown after frost, so prune dead foliage in fall.

Second are Peonies.

Peonies need a period of cold to set buds for the following season. Along with the fact that their foliage is prone to mildew, that is reason enough to cut them back in the fall. Infected foliage can be removed in late summer. Healthy foliage will turn golden in fall--that's your sign to prune!

Last we cover Phlox.

Phlox is prone to powdery mildew, and even the resistant varieties can become infected in bad weather. If so, prune and destroy all foliage and stems in the fall. Even if the plant is healthy, it will benefit from some thinning to increase air flow and prevent disease.

If you think you may need help pruning or cutting back your perennials, give us a call. We are happy to help.

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