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Cute and Affordable Front Porch Decor Ideas for Fall

This autumn, play up the natural scenery right outside your door by decorating your front porch. It doesn't take much effort or money to put together a festive design full of seasonal style. For instance, you can make displays out of the colorful leaves dropping off nearby trees or decorate with inexpensive reclaimed wood pieces to highlight the rustic vibe of the season.

Here are some cute fall front porch ideas to help inspiration.

You can buy fake fall leaves at many home and craft stores, or use the real ones that have dropped from trees. Now that's creative, thrifty, and easy!

Mini Pumpkins And Lanterns

Oversized lanterns are often sold at home stores, but they don't provide much color on a front porch. To spice them up with seasonal flair, bunch small pumpkins and pine cones in lanterns for a creative front porch display. Plus, this helps to prevent critters from munching on the pumpkins.

Neutral Color Scheme

Autumn doesn't always have to be about bright reds, oranges, and yellows. These neutral color designs uses whites and other neutral tones, which give it a vintage farmhouse feel. But the pumpkins and corn are a clear nod to autumn.

Black and White Design

This is an atypical color scheme for fall, but honestly one of our favorites and becoming increasingly popular. But black and white designs are notoriously versatile, so they can be made to fit virtually any theme. The pumpkins are an obvious ode to fall. And the lantern and soft yellow accents bring some warmth to the porch.

If you would love to spruce up your porch, this is our specialty! We would LOVE to be of assistance. Call us anytime!

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