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Colorful Fall Landscaping To Attract Buyers

Summer is a hot time to buy a house, but don't be afraid to list in the fall! Fall landscaping is the perfect way to lure potential buyers to your front doorstep. You worked tirelessly to create curb appeal in summer, but now that fall is here, you’re wondering how to protect that appeal. Fall is the best time to prepare your outdoor home for winter and to attract fall buyers. Grab your tools and get dirty before snow becomes your worst enemy. Take a look at these fall landscaping ideas to increase curb appeal.

Using Mulch to Add Color to Plant Beds

This fall look for mulch, pine bark, and other wood-type ground covers to brighten your landscaping. Spread fresh mulch around trees and shrubs. Refrain from using free mulch obtained from municipal piles as it may contain disease spores. Cheap mulch is usually made from diseased trees. The diseases linger in the mulch and may affect the quality of your grass.

Visit your local home and garden center and get hardwood shredded mulch. If you want to wow home buyers, get colored mulch to match the architectural style of your outdoor home. Pine nuggets or pine bark are larger pieces of wood and add a more rustic curb appeal to your autumn landscaping.

Make Your Front Patio and Landscaping a Focal Point

Your front patio is one of the first places buyers see when they visit your home. Since it gives the first impression of your home, ensuring it is clean and welcoming is essential. If it is warm and welcoming, it will create an at-home feeling. For design, inspiration takes a look at these patio ideas. If you have a concrete or a teak patio, pressure wash it. After the teak dries, apply a teak sealer to protect it and make it look new. Remove the dirt and mildew on the steps and siding. Pressure wash tile to remove dirt and grime by force. When buyers see your clean patio, they will know your home is well kept. Choose functional furniture for your patio and add comfort with throw pillows. Select colorful ones to create a cozy setting. You can also add color to your patio with greenery, fresh flowers, and outdoor area rugs. Prepare for night showings by getting new lighting fixtures. Clean those that are in good working condition with a soft cloth.

If you need help porch scaping, or even adding some warm tones to your patio, we would love to help. After all, this is our specialty. Click on over and give us a call, or shoot us a message!

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