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A spring special: Catmint!

One of the perennial powerhouses of the plant world is Catmint.  It is extremely versatile and easy to grow.  Rich, purple blooms explode into color in early summer and last quite a while.  They are great for tricky soils, so long as you place them in a sunny area.

Catmint needs sun.  They grow 10 to 24 inches high and can grow up to 1 to 2 feet wide.  They do well in full sun and part shade.  Blooming happens in late spring and summer.  Catmint is a classic design for planting under roses. The pale colors of catmint complement most roses and the soft, frilly foliage hides the ugly "knees" of the rose bush.

It is also a wonderful plant for edging, where it softens hard lines. Catmint plants will gracefully spill over walls and walkways and are also a great contrast to spiky plants like iris and yucca.

Want to plant a powerhouse, we’re a phone call away! Give us a ring. We will be happy to help.

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