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31 Ways To Celebrate Every Day in December

As we gear towards the new year, here are a fun few ways to celebrate something daily in December. Back by popular demand, 31 days of celebration!

Dec 1st: National Christmas Lights Day

Dec 2nd: National Mutt Day

Dec 3rd: Let's Hug Day

Dec 4th: National Cookie Day

Dec 5th: Repeal Day

Dec 6th: National Microwave Oven Day

Dec 7th: Letter Writing Day

Dec 8th: National Brownie Day

Dec 9th: National Pastry Day

Dec 10th: The First Night of Hanukkah

Dec 11th: National App Day

Dec 12th: Gingerbread House Day

Dec 13th: National Horse Day

Dec 14th: Roast Chestnuts Day

Dec 15th: National Cupcake Day

Dec 16th: National Chocolate Covered Anything DAy

Dec 17th: National Maple Syrup Day

Dec 18th: Bake Cookies Day

Dec 19th: National Oatmeal Muffin Day

Dec 20th: Games Day

Dec 21st: National Hamburger Day

Dec 22nd: National Cookie Exchange Day

Dec 23rd: National Pfeffernüsse Day

Dec 24th: Christmas Eve

Dec 25th: Christmas Day

Dec 26th: National Candy Cane Day

Dec 27th: Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

Dec 28th: National Card Playing Day

Dec 29th: Tick-Tock Day (Not to be confused with the app TikTok)

Dec 30th: Bacon Day

Dec 31st: New Year's Eve

Have fun this month, tis' the reason to celebrate. Why not celebrate all kinds of things!

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